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Just A Story #8 on Beatport’s Pop/Rock Top100!


Tiny Ducks’ album “Just a Story”, featuring Saga’s vocals and melodies is going strong on the charts of Beatport. This EDM album is entering several charts simultaneously, and even breaks the Pop/Rock Top10 club!

Pop/Rock charts at nr 8:

Electro House charts at nr 29:

Progressive House charts at nr 49: 

Tiny Ducks – Just A Story

Just a Story

Saga has collaborated with Japanese veteran producers Ryoji Takahashi and Yoshimashi a.k.a. “Tiny Ducks”  on their upcoming album. The album entitled “Just A Story” features EDM tracks, with a clear Japanese dance sound.

Saga wrote the lyrics for the track “Hold On”, sang by Michika. She also wrote lyrics and the melody for the track “Millennium Fever”, in which she also sings the vocal. “Millennium Fever” is remixed by Frank Lamboy, as an added bonus on this brilliant EP.

The album “Just A Story” will be released on November 19th in both physical and digital formats. CD’s are available in Japan at Tower Records and HMV. Digital downloads are available in all major stores.

Released through R135 Tracks label, published by Sony Music Japan.

Read more through Tiny Ducks website: or R135 Tracks site:

Listen to preview snippets:

Gimme Action charts #2 in Japan’s dance charts!


On its second day of release “Gimme Action”featuring Saga Bloom hits Japan’s iTunes dance charts at #2! “Gimme Action” is a sexy, empowering track, a joint collaboration of Sakiko Osawa and Saga Bloom. Sakiko’s Japanese electronic sounds match the lyrics and vocals of Saga perfectly, making “Gimme Action” a super explosive techno combination!

Download from Beatport:

Sakiko Osawa – Gimme Action feat. Saga Bloom


Sakiko Osawa releases a new techno EP through Amsterdam’s popular 7 Stars Music label. “Gimme Action” is a powerful techno track, containing Sakiko’s signature sound; dreamy Japanese synth lines combined with pumping kicks and groovy bass lines. Saga Bloom has given her lyrical and vocal skills to add another dimension on the track and the resulting sound is highly futuristic, that could only be created in Japan.

Download a copy of this EP from Beatport:

Gimme Action – Official Music Video:


Saga Bloom vs. Remundo – I Wanna Love You


Saga Bloom and Remundo team up again to create yet another progressive house banger. “I Wanna Love You” is a dreamy progressive house track, that is a perfect addition to any club or radio track list. Frank Lamboy’s club mix adds an extra dimension to the pack and as an added bonus Saga and Remundo have included their progressive hit “Tell Me” on the EP.

Download a copy from Beatport: